Sunday, July 31, 2011

I promise this isn't a cat blog...

Artemis in his halcyon days.

I didn't intend to fall of the face of the planet, but things are getting in the way of bloggin'.  My cat, Artemis, was diagnosed with lymphoma, and it's been a crazy time figuring out not only how to treat him, but how to take care of him while we go on our annual weeklong family reunion trip.  This, for reasons too boring to explain, involved me switching rooms in my house, which was also stressful in and of itself, as sort of a preliminary move, in preparation for the actual move upcoming at the end of August (which made me painfully aware of how much physical crap I own, and how much I need to sort through in the next 4 weeks.)  

Loyal followers-- I do repent for my long absence.  I intend to continue with this blog as a motivation to complete (and perhaps sell) silly/useful crafty things, and also to encourage other people to make silly/useful crafty things.  My new deskless room is not terribly conducive to sewing, although I still have some sweet projects in the works, which I will show you when they are done.  However, I'm predicting this summer to continue to be relatively lo-flo craft-wise, since I've got a lot of things on my plate.

However, if you'd like to help me and my family defray the exorbitant costs of chemotherapy for Artemis, I will be making very cute little "Peanut Cat" stuffed animals to sell, based on a pattern I designed in elementary school.  They are pretty adorable.  Once I get a few made, I will post them on here and see if I can garner any interest.  Maybe you'll buy one?  Here are some more pictures of Arty, and his loving sister Luna, to prove how worth it they are:

Arty with his bro, (My bro: John Lewis)
Luna obtaining a cucumber.

We used to call him "Fatso Plenty."  But now he is skinny!

Typical Luna.
Arty is a dog-cat who lets us torture him.

Oh, we were young, and fancy-free.

My dad and Arty have a special bond.
If you made it all the way to the bottom, congratulations!  I owe you some m&ms.

So, please consider helping us fund Arty's expensive chemotherapy treatment by purchasing a "Peanut Cat" from me, once I get them made.  I love my kitties!

Thank you.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Daniel and I cut up our copies of David Foster Wallace's "Infinite Jest" to make the 1,079 page tome easier to carry around as we read it over the summer.  I think we did a pretty swell job of making the book-chunks look pretty!

Last night the roommates made delicious carrot cake!

And I made a woolen soap sweater.

It will ideally felt and shrink around the soap as I use it.