Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Arty Fund

Artemis is still among the living, but it may not be for much longer.  He has lost a significant amount of weight, and we're preparing to say goodbye.  Waah!

He is still good natured as ever, though.  He is a sweetie through and through.
This picture was taken at the end of October.

My dad has been really taking charge of Arty's care, and administering a whole slew of medications: a time consuming, expensive, (not to mention heartbreaking) job!  So, since I can't be home often enough to be of much help with the medical regimen, I want to help out monetarily.

I finally finished some "Peanut Cats!"  They are each about 2" to 3" tall (not including the tail.)

All the profits will go to paying off the debts we have incurred as a result of his treatments.  I will accept any amount over a minimum of $10.  If these three sell, I will make as many more as are needed to fill the demand.

So, if you want to help, place an order!  I can assure you they are very cute in person-- they are a special design that I made up when I was still in elementary school!

We love Artemis!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Virtual yard sale... well... giveaway

I decided that I don't want to be a hoarder when I grow up, so I am being ruthless now about getting rid of clutter.  Much of my stuff I can happily cart off to goodwill and blow it a kiss goodbye, but there are a few things which, though I do not use, I feel sad about throwing to the wind.  These are the things that I have collected for their uniqueness, or things with sentimental value, or things given to me by friends.

So, here is my special offer:  THEY ARE FREE TO ANYONE WHO WANTS THEM!  Just ask me about them.

Beautiful skirt nabbed from Allison's free pile years ago.  It is too tight around the waistband.  Always has been, and I'm beginning to think it always will.

80's Nordstrom leggings!  Nice thick fabric, crazy design.  I feel like I look like a giant toddler when I wear them.

Speaking of giant toddler...

This is very cool in its construction:  you can have any of 4 colors as your front...

There are no inside seams!  Of course, the colors are a little clownish.

These are 3/4 length leggings, very lightweight and stretchy... little tiny giraffes on them...  just, you know... giant toddler.

Cute fluffy sunflower skirt!  It's adorable!  I just never wear it for some reason!  (From Allison.)

My original potato-print Obama shirt.  This is a historic artifact-- I made it for the 2008 election!

Little stripy leotard.

This shirt is soooo cool.  As in dorky.  But cool.  A leopard and a tiger are just chillin' together.

Cute vintage-y looking skirt.

The photo doesn't quite show the colors accurately.  This is white, grey, and pink.  Reminds me of a grandma.

Really sweet dress from Allison, brought back as a souvenir from Germany way back in high school.  But alas... it is too small.  If no one claims this...  I still don't think I can just take it to goodwill.  I'll have to find someone I know to take it.

Crappy photo... but cozy cowl!  I made it a long time ago and used it for skiing.

Crochet hat- also made by me.

Weird-ass sweater.  There's a little window with repeating dudes on bikes!  The sleeves are like... half length sleeves.

Anyway, just let me know if you want anything!  Otherwise, most of these things will be... *sniff*  dropped off at goodwill!  It's hard, but I don't want to become...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I have been going through all my old clothes to try and purge as much crap as I can from my life.  This is a difficult process.  I found many mate-less socks.  Strangely, most of them are solid grey/blue/black/brown ones that I don't remember ever wearing (most of my socks are vibrant colorful patterns!)

So, my options were:
a. Give them away (no one would want a bunch of mismatched socks!)
b. Throw them away :(
c. Make something out of them.

The answer was pretty self-evident:

(obviously not finished-- this headless, armless doll is very fun to pose with her long monkey legs and tubular body, and cute butt!)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Felt swatches

I want to make felt slippers... so rather than my usual technique of "start knitting randomly and see what happens" which usually results in some dishearteningly ugly false starts, I decided I would do it the normal-person way and make swatches.  Swatches, it turns out, are strangely fun.


Post Wash:

They didn't seem to change size all that much; the difference is mostly textural.  It's possible that's because I washed them the way I wash my clothes, which is on delicate, cool water, mild detergent, tumble dry low.  Wool reacts more when you abuse it more.  I might put it through a hot wash and see what happens.

Eventually I might like to create something akin to these felted slippers: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/french-press-felted-slippers

Random:  Does anyone want this crap

Edit: Hmm... of course now that I post it on ebay, I can't find it anywhere.  Maybe I gave it to Goodwill?  :] Whoops!  Well, if I find it, back on ebay it goes!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fluffy (Cody's 105 lb cement fish) is helping me with a clamping project.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bleachy tights!

This is something I've been meaning to try for awhile-- finally tried it and I think it looks pretty cool.  I used a bleach pen to draw that hipstery/art nouveau(?) scale print on some leggings.  We'll see how it looks when the bleach washes off!

If I made more of these, do you think they might sell on etsy?

The house free pile giveth, and it taketh away!  But mostly giveth.  I got this awesome bicycle cardigan today, formerly of Ariana.  I don't think I shall ever part ways with it, though.

I'm taking care of business lately-- (I am the new owner of a real live driver's license, for one thing...) and today, I take the GRE!  AUGH!!!!  SAT on steroids!!! Wish me luck!  2 hours and 33 minutes until...

Friday, September 9, 2011

New house, Stacey's Pillows, and Hens!

I have retroactively decided that my blog was (is) on "summer vacation."
I have not had much time for makin' stuff, as I've been moving, preparing for the GRE, working on commissioned doggie portraits, working a lot at the cattery, and going on fun trips!

BUT, I had one free day recently, so Stacey came over with a load of her own personally designed and silkscreened fabric, and stuffing, and I helped her turn them into awesome pillows, (for sale, going fast at the low low price of $40 apiece!) Lookie here!

Beanie baby eyes!!!  AAAH!

Chickens enjoying the backyard of our awesome new house:

So, don't go away, folks!  I'm still pretty busy until the end of September, but I've got a whole backlog of awesome projects I want to create and show off as soon as life settles down again.  The blog shall rise again!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Arty Update

(purring madly)

Back from Ohio and Arty is doing great!  He is as lovey as ever, maybe even more so!  I'm glad we went through with the chemo-- at times I had my doubts.  But he seems so snuggly and back to his normal food-loving, people-loving self!

Here's Luna, doing what she does best:
(being a kitty burrito)

Now we just have a debt of $2000+ to cover.  Time to get sewing!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I promise this isn't a cat blog...

Artemis in his halcyon days.

I didn't intend to fall of the face of the planet, but things are getting in the way of bloggin'.  My cat, Artemis, was diagnosed with lymphoma, and it's been a crazy time figuring out not only how to treat him, but how to take care of him while we go on our annual weeklong family reunion trip.  This, for reasons too boring to explain, involved me switching rooms in my house, which was also stressful in and of itself, as sort of a preliminary move, in preparation for the actual move upcoming at the end of August (which made me painfully aware of how much physical crap I own, and how much I need to sort through in the next 4 weeks.)  

Loyal followers-- I do repent for my long absence.  I intend to continue with this blog as a motivation to complete (and perhaps sell) silly/useful crafty things, and also to encourage other people to make silly/useful crafty things.  My new deskless room is not terribly conducive to sewing, although I still have some sweet projects in the works, which I will show you when they are done.  However, I'm predicting this summer to continue to be relatively lo-flo craft-wise, since I've got a lot of things on my plate.

However, if you'd like to help me and my family defray the exorbitant costs of chemotherapy for Artemis, I will be making very cute little "Peanut Cat" stuffed animals to sell, based on a pattern I designed in elementary school.  They are pretty adorable.  Once I get a few made, I will post them on here and see if I can garner any interest.  Maybe you'll buy one?  Here are some more pictures of Arty, and his loving sister Luna, to prove how worth it they are:

Arty with his bro, (My bro: John Lewis)
Luna obtaining a cucumber.

We used to call him "Fatso Plenty."  But now he is skinny!

Typical Luna.
Arty is a dog-cat who lets us torture him.

Oh, we were young, and fancy-free.

My dad and Arty have a special bond.
If you made it all the way to the bottom, congratulations!  I owe you some m&ms.

So, please consider helping us fund Arty's expensive chemotherapy treatment by purchasing a "Peanut Cat" from me, once I get them made.  I love my kitties!

Thank you.