Thursday, August 30, 2012

Luna's Memorial Quilt

I was going to make this quilt as a burial quilt for Luna... but unfortunately I missed my window for that, by being on a trip in Ohio.  Anyway, now it will be a keepsake for me to remind me of her.


I picked colors that reminded me of Luna; dark grey and white for her fur, light pink for her adorable nose, and light yellow-green eyes, and purple, for her personality.  :)

Here's some Adobe Illustrator messing... plans that didn't pan out.

Here I've gotten all the squares sewn together and they are waiting to be quilted.  I think I will take this opportunity to try my hand at hand-quilting, since it is only about the size of a pillowcase.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

8 point star

Of all the fabric I have collected over the years... these are some of my favorites.

I picked some cute Lotta Jansdotter fabric to start this project.  I made some custom pattern pieces out of an old plastic office folder to construct a classic 8 pointed star with Y seams.

Here is the first completed block.  It was a nit-picky, but oh so satisfying, and it went quite smoothly.  Look at my cutie pattern pieces all lying in a row!  They're so nice.  I love them.

Here's a snapshot from the Adobe Illustrator file where I designed the pieces:
I also love Adobe Illustrator.  What would I do without you, Adobe?*

*Not a paid advertisement.

The butthole of the quilt block...

Thursday, August 16, 2012


On the bus home with my new wheels. I hope they do the trick and give me my freedom back! I'm getting excited!