Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dyeing with Yellow Onions Part 2

Last night I took the fabric pieces out of the dye-bath and put them through a rinse cycle in the washer.
Turns out after onion skin water has stagnated for 24 hours, it smells a little bit... yucky...

Hung them up to dry in the living room, went to bed, and was greeted by this scene upon waking!
(The rack was originally vertically oriented...)

Thanks a lot, Lefty!

The wool (at the top) seems to have hogged all the color, leaving everything else a sort of bland maize color.  The synthetic fabrics really didn't pick up much color at all.  Next time I think I will try not to crowd the dye-bath so much and maybe dye only wool, and hopefully get some more bold colors.  Still, I like it!  They're pleasant colors.

Special thanks to my helper, Lefty the cat.

Now... what to do with my maize-toned fabric bundle?

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